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The American Revolution began in New England. Two hundred fifty years ago, the men and women of what is now Massachusetts resisted attempts to deny them their rights as British citizens. What happened as a result of this struggle changed the world. With this heritage, we, the citizens of the Commonwealth have a unique role to play in commorating the events that led to the Revolution.

We have the opportunity to shape legacies for the future. Now is the time to create a comprehensive plan for a commemoration that:

  • Celebrates the founding of our country, while exploring the complexities that brought our nation into being and that continue to impact our culture and values
  • Develops imaginative, collaborative, and inclusive programming that  can link Revolutionary era ideas with civic education and engagement
  • Builds public-private partnerships for the preservation and conservation of our historic sites and surrounding areas while enhancing the infrastructure that interprets them
  • Augments the Commonwealth’s position for economic development through cultural tourism

Revolution 250 operates under the fiscal leadership of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Its operations are overseen by the volunteer advisory committee listed below.

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