Revolution 250

rb_logo_mass2017_finalThe American Revolution began in Massachusetts. Between 1765 and 1775, as imperial reforms encroached upon what colonists perceived to be their English liberties, Boston became a center of resistance and the site of a series of events that undercut royal authority. Men and women throughout Massachusetts bonded together as they resisted Britain’s attempts to tax and govern them. Imposed customs duties and taxes—such as the Stamp Act and Tea Act—were successfully overturned due to well-ordered resistance and mob violence. In April 1775, the Revolutionary War began and forever changed the world. With this heritage, the Commonwealth has a unique role to play commemorating the events that led to the Revolution.

Formed in 2013, Revolution 250 is a consortium of organizations and individuals led by the Massachusetts Historical Society, who are connected by a commonly held belief that there is value in learning about, examining, and celebrating the history of the American Revolution. These institutions represent a long standing commitment to understanding this history and will continue to explore the importance of America’s war for independence for years to come. Revolution 250 will commemorate the 250th anniversaries of significant events that led to the outbreak of the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. These anniversaries will be used to engage public interest and garner public appreciation for the pivotal role Massachusetts played in the beginning of the American Revolution.

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