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Revolution 250 is a coalition of organizations that share an interest in understanding the causes and legacies of the American Revolution. We want to share the story of our country’s birth in original and creative ways that will allow all people to become engaged.

The core idea of Revolution 250 is that, as a coalition, we will raise funds from non-traditional sources and then grant these funds to our signature tier supporters to help them:

  • Create events with a national profile
  • Fund important preservation initiatives
  • Expand education about the Revolution
  • Use technology and art to engage new audiences

We also want to support smaller organizations and groups who are interested in the Revolution, but do not see it as a core part of their mission. To that end, we have created multiple levels for organizations to participate.

  • The Signature tier will be open to 501.C.3 and governmental organizations willing to make a minimum annual contribution of $1,500 and hosting and/or sponsoring a Signature Project. Signature projects are defined as an event, exhibition preservation project, or comparable program that will be consistent with the purpose of Revolution 250, national in appeal, and hosted in collaboration with other participants in Revolution 250.
  • The Patriot tier will make a minimum annual contribution of $100 for nonprofit and for profit organizations. They will be encouraged to collaborate with organizations participating at the Signature tier on signature projects.
  • The Friends tier is open to individuals who are willing to make a minimum contribution of $50 or more each year.

Our current supporters are here.

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