About Revolution 250

The American Revolution began in Massachusetts. Two hundred fifty years ago, the men and women of the Commonwealth resisted Britain’s attempts to tax and govern them. What happened changed the world. With this heritage, we, the citizens of the Commonwealth have a unique role to play in the remembrances of the events that led to the Revolution.

Commemorations bring people together. We all love to celebrate, and our institutions can harness this basic instinct by pulling together residents, visitors, planners, educators, artists, students, the business community, and politicians for events and activities that recognize the importance of our culture and values.

The 250th anniversary of these momentous events is upon us.

• 1765: Stamp Act; dedication of Liberty Tree
• 1766: Repeal of the Stamp Act
• 1768: Occupation of Boston by British troops
• 1770: Boston Massacre
• 1772: Committees of Correspondence created
• 1773: Petitions against slavery; Boston Tea Party
• 1774: Closings of courts in Worcester and Barnstable, and Powderhouse Alarm
• 1775: Leslie’s Retreat in Salem, Paul Revere’s Ride, Battles of Lexington, Concord, Chelsea Creek, and Bunker Hill; Henry Knox’s “noble train” of artillery from Fort Ticonderoga through MA to Dorchester Heights
• 1776: British Evacuation of Boston

We have the opportunity to shape legacies for the future. Now is the time to create a comprehensive plan for the commemoration that:
• Enhances the Commonwealth’s unique position for economic development through cultural tourism
• Builds public-private partnerships for preservation and conservation of our historic sites and surrounding areas and enhances the infrastructure that interprets them
• Develops imaginative, collaborative, inclusive, programming which can link Revolutionary era ideas with civic education and engagement

Revolution 250 is a collaborative project operating under the fiscal sponsorship of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Our membership is growing, as of April of 2017 the following organizations have committed to be a part of Revolution 250:
American Antiquarian Society
Beverly Historical Society
Boston 1775
Boston By Foot
Boston Duck Tours
Boston Preservation Alliance
Boston Tea Party Museum
Bostonian Society/Old State House Museum
Colonial Society of Massachusetts
Concord Museum
Friends and the Longfellow–Washington site
Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau
Historic Boston Inc.
Kings Chapel
Mass council Social Studies
Mass. Society of the Cincinnati
Massachusetts Historical Society
Medicine Wheel Productions
New England Historic and Genealogical Society
Old North Church
Paul Revere House
Shirley Eustis House
Suffolk University, History Department
USS Constitution Museum

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